andy marcumAndy was born and raised in Wallowa County. Growing up hunting and fishing in such a beautiful place is where Andy grew passionate about the outdoors, conservation and the rural lifestyle.

Andy graduated from Enterprise High School in 2005 and has acquired a diverse background since. After completing 5 years in the Marine Corps as a Military Police K9 Handler, Andy and his wife, Lindsey, moved to Minnesota where Andy worked as a Agricultural Land and Outreach Specialist. Through this work Andy gained extensive knowledge and experience with invasive species treatment, developing grazing and cropping systems, community organizing and a holistic approach to restoring prairie and grassland ecosystems while improving wildlife habitat. Andy also served on his county's Waterplan Taskforce, Regional Prairie Implementation Team, Cooperative Weed Management Team and Board Member of the Regional Cattlemen's Association.

Now, Andy, his wife and their 3 boys have returned to Wallowa County to raise their family and where Andy's passion for land stewardship and rural communities can be focused to the one place he's always called "Home."

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