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The Forest Collaborative, established in June 2012, is comprised of more than 40 organizations and individuals passionate about working together on large scale management efforts. They engage in landscape-scale analysis and support the USFS' restoration and job creation efforts on the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest. 

The Forest Collaborative Focus

The geographic focus of the Forest Collaborative is the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest (WWNF), which encompasses 2,392,508 acres and crosses three states. In Oregon, the WWNF is bordered by the Umatilla and Malheur National Forests. Forest elevation varies from 9,945 to 875 feet.

The WWNF contains four ranger districts, one national recreation area, four wilderness areas, and ten Wild and Scenic Rivers. WWNF land area in square miles per county: Union county – 2,037, Baker County – 3,068, Wallowa County 3,146.

The Forest Collaborative Mission

To improve the social, economic, and ecological resiliency of the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest and local communities through collaboration by a diverse group of stakeholders.


  • Foster the collaborative relationship amongst stakeholders.
  • Review and finalize the Operations Principles Framework as a collaborative.
  • Engage in landscape-scale analysis and planning to support the USFS in its efforts to accelerate the pace of restoration and job creation on the WWNF.
  • Work on projects and support responsible land management agencies 

Current Field Project Work

  • Partner with Wallowa County to implement the Lower Joseph Creek Watershed Assessment and Recommendations and increase local, state and regional support for these projects.
  • Development of a collaborative project on the Whitman District of the WWNF in partnership with the Baker County Natural Resource Advisory Committee.

Operations Group and its Members

operation members

When the Forest Collaborative formed, individuals approved the creation of an Operations Group to plan and manage the Forest Collaborative between meetings. These are the members of the Operations Group:

  • John Buckman, Oregon Department of Forestry
  • Nils Christoffersen, Wallowa Resources
  • Mark Davidson, Union County
  • Steve Edwards, Blue Mountain Forest Cooperative
  • Brian Kelly, Hells Canyon Preservation Council
  • Tom Montoya, WWNF Forest Supervisor (or designate)
  • Paul Oester, OSU Forest Extension
  • Andrew Spaeth, Sustainable Northwest
  • Lindsay Warness, Boise Cascade

Nick Myatt of ODFW was originally part of this group but stepped down due to scheduling conflicts. He remains a participant in the full Collaborative.

Past Meeting Notes

May 28, 2014 Meeting Notes

April 23, 2014 Meeting Notes - LJCRP Effects Analysis

March 26, 2014 Meeting Notes

February 24, 2014 Meeting Notes - LJCRP Alternatives Development

January 22, 2014 Meeting Notes

December 17, 2013 Meeting Notes

September 25, 2013 Meeting Notes

August 28, 2013 Lower Joseph Field Trip Notes

July 24, 2013 East Face Field Trip Notes

June 26, 2013 Meeting Notes

May 22, 2013 Meeting Notes

April 24, 2013 Meeting Notes

March 27, 2013 Meeting Notes

March 5, 2013 Meeting Notes

January 23, 2013 Meeting Notes

October 25, 2012 Meeting Notes

September 26, 2012 Meeting Notes

June 7, 2012 Meeting Notes

Field Trip Notes

September 26, 2012 Field Trip Notes - Lower Joseph Creek

July 24, 2013 Field Trip Notes - East Face Project

Collaborative Operations Principles

Operations Principles January 24 2013

Operations Principles with June 2013 Signatures

Lower Joseph Creek - Forest Conditions

Lower Joe Prelim Forest Recon Results and Next Steps - June 2013

Forest, Fire, and Fuels Recommendations

Forest Condition Assesment - April 2012

Stand Assessment Methodology

Stand Modeling Description

Historic Harvest Activities 1975-2004

East Face Project Information

Preliminary Purpose and Need Statement (May 2014)

General Overview of Project Area (Part 1)

General Overview of Project Area (Part 2)

Other reference information - web links

USFS Web Site - Eastside Restoration Strategy

Federal Forestlands Advisory Committee - Implementation Work Group

Ecosystem Workforce Program - Map of Oregon Collaborative

For more information, contact Nils Christoffersen.

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