Renewable energy is energy that replenishes naturally – the power of the sun, flowing water and growing plants. Using renewable energy provides powerful benefits – it contributes to energy independence, contributes to ecosystem and environmental health, and keeps energy dollars close to home by supporting business and jobs in rural areas. It also makes dollars and sense at a household, farm or business level.

The Renewable Energy Program at WR Community Solutions Inc. offers independent assessment and development services for small scale renewable energy. The program responds to the need for technical assistance for those generally underserved by the giant energy project conglomerates. We work every day at the intersection of energy, economy and environment and understand the opportunities and benefits represented by local energy projects, as well as the importance of realistic financial and technical feasibility to justify the investment.

Assessing and improving energy efficiency is a closely-aligned set of services in our skill set.

Our clients are farms and ranches, businesses, municipalities, community groups and investor entities. Our major technical resource areas include:

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Our services also include Third Party Review of proposals, as well as preparation of grants, incentives and other application materials. We have strong practical and technical expertise in renewable energy and community-based natural resource development.

Our projects are characterized by small environmental footprints and large economic and social benefits.

We help communities to plan and create an "energy economy". Using natural resources in new ways while building individual and community capacity can result in enormous place-based economic multipliers. Sustainable resource utilization and a local energy appetite can promote stewardship, support small business and save money on energy costs.

We frequently collaborate with allies in the natural resources sector to access opportunities, leverage resources, host educational events and build relationships which support opportunities for our clients.

Who We Are

This program evolved from a partnership with Renewable Energy Solutions Inc. (RES). In order to best serve the increasing demand for energy related technical services, we now handle regional renewable energy and business development activities, particularly in the Pacific Northwest, while RES focuses primarily on international project activity. The complimentary capabilities between the two entities are a significant advantage to our clients.

Services We Offer

  • Project Development Services and collaborations
  • Grant, incentive, and project development funding identification
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Resource and Site Assessments to determine scale, scope and potential for energy development
  • On and Off-Grid project evaluation
  • Technology identification and sourcing
  • Financial and Economic Modeling
  • Third Party Review of studies and proposals
  • Small Hydro – FERC Exemptions from Licensing
  • Energy audits and energy efficiency assessments

For more information, contact Matt King.

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