Expanding learning opportunities beyond the school year


Our afterschool and summer programs expanded learning opportunities for youth outside of school. Expanded learning opportunities, like ours, have shown to benefit communities. Kids do better in school. Police see less juvenile crime. Schools experience reductions in disciplinary action (i.e. suspension). Businesses increase productivity because parents no longer worry about afterschool care. Parents like our expanded learning opportunities because their kids are learning and exploring the outdoors. Kids love our programs because they are so much fun. We feel expanded learning opportunities improve our community and make a difference in kids learning. Join us in making learning fun outside of school.

Our Programs

We provide fun, outside learning opportunities on Fridays during the school year, a week-long adventure trips in the summer, and occasionally paid internships. Programs include:

Please contact us to learn more about these programs, to be a guest speaker, and/or to sign your kid up.

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