We Work Together


What is community collaboration?

To work jointly with others in community beneficial endeavors.

We bring public and private landowners together. Working with Wallowa County & partners, we bring people together through a Community Planning Process – which has become a national model. By working together, we create a shared vision for land stewardship and management. Our community has become stronger and more resilient to change since we started this process. On one project, this work created over $5 million in local benefit.


Why We Work Together

The Community Planning Process is challenging and can be slow, but it works. It ended decades of gridlock on forest management. Projects got started and completed. Jobs were created and Wallowa County lands improved. Our process works because a shared vision about health and jobs was agreed upon at the start. Restoration projects were implemented quickly. This process has benefited both public and private lands and created more consistent management practices across the landscape. This group continues to lead watershed scale assessments, direct on-the-ground work, and strengthen local knowledge. This process generated the desire to learn from one another, and strengthen partnerships.

As of today, we have completed this process on the Upper Joseph Creek Watershed and are in the middle of this process for the Lower Joseph Creek Watershed. We have also begun a forest-wide collaborative that is tackling a large-scale collaborative approach to forest management.

Download a pdf handout about our process.


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