Getting Kids Outside


Our programs help youth learn about this amazing place and connect them to the outdoors. Direct contact with nature is diminishing in youth. Yet, it is important in their development in every way – socially, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. We provide opportunities for them to learn through play in nature while they explore the outdoors. Today, only 26% of kids play outside every day – even in rural areas. We want to change that. Every year over 400 local youth participate in our programs. Teachers and parents believe our programs make a difference in youth. Studies have documented that hands-on outside learning works. Local schools have seen an increase in state science scores since our programs started. Get involve with our youth programs and help local youth connect to this amazing place!

Our Programs

We provide outside learning opportunities for schools and afterschool. We incorporate visual, auditory, and kinesthetic learning experiences into all our programming. Kids participate in hands-on learning and research, teaching them critical thinking skills. Our programs include:

Engaging Kids with the Outside World

Our youth programs engage kids with the natural world through hands-on and inquiry-based learning. We use the varied landscape found in Wallowa County as our ‘living’ classroom. By using the landscape as our classroom, the learning must take place outside and gets kids physically on the land. This direct contact connects them to the land and learning about this place. The hope is with these direct connections to the land, people, and place we will plant the seed of stewardship and the skills to be leaders. Our goals are to:

  1. Increase science literacy and achievement
  2. Promote a sense of place and stewardship
  3. Education our next generation of land stewards, decision makers, and community leaders
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