brent wydrinskiBrent Wydrinski is a true renaissance man of Wallowa County. He blows glass, writes music, sings, creates sculptures, and much more. He is an amazing artist and fun-loving guy who loves the outdoors, raspberries, and pie. Brent teaches for our Friday Science Adventures classes and backpacking trips allowing him to combine his passion of youth, science, and the great outdoors. Brent also has an amazing volunteer spirit – he lives at the local ski hill helping every new person enjoy winter sports; you will see him at the Wallowa Valley Community ice rink laying down tracks on skating with Santa, and keeping the ice smooth for hockey games; and coaching a bunch youngster soccer. He also works for Winding Waters River Expeditions and Wallowa Valley Center for Wellness as a mentor for at risk and high needs kids. Promoting happiness and ensuring Wallowa County is a community that cares about everyone are just two of things you will find that come from his heart when you take time to hang out with Brent.

cheri millerCheri received a BS degree in Wildlife Science from Oregon State University. She used that degree working as a Wilderness Ranger and a Wildlife Biologist for the US Forest Service in Enterprise and John Day, OR. She currently works at a veterinary clinic and at Wallowa Resources in their youth education programs. Cheri loves the number of children that Wallowa Resources inspires. Even her own children have participated in the WREN and OWL programs and wishes that there were more!

jan hohmannJanet has worked with us as a research biologist and educator since 2000. She has been wildlife biologist and outdoor educator for over 30 years. Janet earned a BS in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana and has worked as a field biologist for the US Forest Service, US Fish and Wildlife Service, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, and the Nature Conservancy. Her main research focus has been on non-game species, including various amphibians, small mammals, neotropical songbirds, forest and prairie grouse, hawks, and owls. Over the past 25 years, she has also worked as a backcountry interpretive guide, a guest speaker for school classes, and a trip leader for Elderhostel International.

joann sneadJo Ann Snead is a naturalist of many colors, so to speak. She earned a B.S. degree in Wildlife Ecology from the University of Florida in 1976. After relocating to the Northwest, she was employed as a lab tech in Forest Physiology, Fish Pathology and as a tutor for Community College Physics classes. On the Oregon coast she worked as a field tech collecting data for a Columbia River estuary research project, served as a naturalist interpreter at the Cannon Beach tide pools and tutored Chemistry students. She has worked as a research assistant at Point Reys Bird observatory and at the Delta Wetland research center in Manitoba, Canada.

Read more: Jo Ann Snead - Education Instructor

randi movichRandi earned a BA in Biology from UC Santa Cruz and an MS in Forest Resources from the University of Idaho. She has worked on a variety of field wildlife research projects including marine mammals, forest carnivores, and amphibians. She was a Peace Corps volunteer working in agroforestry in Guinea, West Africa and studied medicinal plants used by traditional healers. Randi has worked for a forest certification program, as a youth mentor coordinator and managed a community garden. Currently, Randi lives in a grid-tied solar powered house in Enterprise with her husband, 3 children, 2 goats, 28 chickens, 1 rabbit and a cat. When she is not running after kids and animals, Randi likes to ski, backpack, bike and garden. Randi is excited about sharing the outdoors with kids in the WREN and OWL programs.

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