• Maintaining the Rural Lifestyle

    We value making a living from the land. We invest in people & businesses that take care of the land.
  • Investing in People & the Land

    We work with our community to create jobs and improve our working lands.
  • Fostering the Next Generation

    Kids are the future leaders in our community. We teach them skills in hands-on & experiential ways.
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Our Mission

Thriving rural communities need strong economies, wholehearted commitment to taking care of the land and water, and top-notch learning opportunities. Our mission is to develop, promote, and implement innovative solutions that help the people of Wallowa County and the Intermountain West sustain and improve their communities and their lands. We accomplish this by working together with the community, partners, and you.

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How You're Helping

54 Jobs

The number of jobs supported through our direct efforts


$ 1 Million

Over $1 million put back into our economy each year from our programs


11,000 Acres

Over 11,000 acres taken care of each year by reducing the threat of weeds, reducing wildfire risk, and improving wildlife habitat

Join Us

Thank You for Your Support


Thanks to everyone once again for such a fantastic event! This was by far the best Barn Dance. We couldn't be so successful without you. This was our most successful fundraiser ever! A special thanks to Zane Anderson, Backyard Gardens, Nancy Knoble, WR Board & Advisory Committee, Auction Donors, and everyone that came to the dance and showed their support.

Friday WREN Starts Soon

catherine zeigler

Friday WREN will run October 3 to November 13 this fall. We are currently finalizing the fall classes. Registration will open on September 3. To participate, you must register by Friday, September 25. If you have any questions, contact Amy Busch.

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Support Us With A Snack


Wallowa Resources Mix™

100% of the proceeds go to us. The yummy Cherry Nut Mix is a great snack to throw in your pocket for a hike or as a gift for your active friend. Enjoy our special mix while at the same time supporting us!

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Recent Projects

We love where we live and work -Wallowa County. Because we value making a living from the land, we protect the productivity of Wallowa County's forest, rangelands, and farmlands. We do this through taking care of the land and water, investing in jobs & businesses, and educating the next generation.
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  • "Wallowa County and Wallowa Resources were early innovators helping to spark a movement that has spread across Eastern Oregon -"

    -a new model for economic and community development and, frankly a more positive way to get things done.

    - former Governor Kitzhaber

  • "Wallowa Resources moves good ideas, gifts, and passion into action."


    It is key to holding these communities together while others have become ghost towns.

    -Rick Wagner, Oregon Department of Forestry

  • "Many of us in other rural communities look to Wallowa Resouces for ideas, inspiration, and information."


    I hope Wallowa County knows what a strong organization Wallowa Resouces is, and what a strong reputation their stafff and board have regionally and nationally.

    - Melanie Parker, executive director Northwest Connections

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